what college is like- for real
my face in this photo is me after i find out my test scores and my friends in the back represent inner me that's like will it really matter in 5 years?!? ps my hair makes me look extra frazzled and i absolutely love it.  heyyyyyy guyyyyys!! so i have been off this whole writing... Read More
jacs & lance
okay so the time has come duh duh duhhhh!!! the photos are up and they are running and honestly i love them so stinking much. how can anyone look at these and think "yeah they're not really that happy" cause if that's you then you are #wrong. i'm so thankful to have a bff that's... Read More
you feel like your life is changing too much and too fast
okay guys so again i am late on the blog posting and again i apologize a whole lot. but can i tell ya what i did yesterday?! i woke up and went to workout (whew i may have wanted to die afterwards but your girl kept pushing through), then i went to nanny, then i... Read More
steadfast love
so guys i'm going to share with you a lil bit today what the biggest take away has been for me currently with the Bible. i know i know you must be thinking "kenn seriously girl we get it you loveeee God and you loveeee what He's doing in your life" and all of that... Read More
body positivity-yes please
okay people i want to drop some real stuff that has been on my mind lately. let's talk about body positivity!!!!! woohoo two points for kenn for being like every other basic person out there. but for real this is gonna be different and i don't know what a lot of people are going to... Read More
wait for it….
first off i would like to apologize for my lateness of this post :/ yesterday was beyond crazy with many emotions running high and wild and it was also my best friend's birthday and i got a pretty wicked sunburn because my arms aren't long enough to reach the middle of my back so, it... Read More
Jordan Armantrout
my girl jay is out here killing it with this cool spring time photoshoot!! it was such a blast being able to capture the real lovable and beautiful girl right here. and i am so incredibly happy that she agreed to let me do this with her, i mean like ahhhh guys isn't she the... Read More
what ifs or what is?
have you ever been so scared about something in your life because of the possible what if associated with it? well lemme tell you my friend the what ifs are killing you. they are actually like those sour patch commercial gummies that are sour all the time and never really end up being sweet. ya... Read More
Col 3:13
"bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive." wow wow wow, kennedy slow your role girl, you're gonna preach on the act of forgiveness in today's society. you're seriously crazy. well yes inner voice i definitely am... Read More
Spain man
who's ready to take a trip down my own memory lane with me?! let's do this thang Spain oh and i hope that you enjoy these photos (: *the featured photo came from pinterest cause yanno i looked Spain up and saw the photo and i thought wowza that's freaking beautiful and so so artsy*... Read More