Col 3:13

“bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive.”

wow wow wow, kennedy slow your role girl, you’re gonna preach on the act of forgiveness in today’s society. you’re seriously crazy. well yes inner voice i definitely am cause these peeps need to hear the truth *currently giving myself this pep talk while looking the mirror and punching my fist into the air like this*

anywho…. let’s talk about this thing yanno forgiveness, the thing that everyone says they want to give but no one actually does. forgiveness is such a rarity nowadays that when i do hear someone say that they forgive someone else and truly, undeniably, matter of factly mean it, i am shocked and taken aback. *gasp* i said it. so if you wanna counter me on this lemme ask you something, how many times in your life have you ever said you forgive someone and truly mean it orrrrr how many times in your life has someone said that they’ve forgiven you and they truly mean it.

so why are things like this? why do you choose to let the anger or hatred fester rather than turning to them and forgiving them for wronging you? and why can forgiving people be super difficult sometimes and super easy other times. why why why?!

God tells us that we should forgive one another just as he forgives us for every sin we commit. we’re given a new slate each and every time. but why in the heck do we choose to just be completely miserable by not forgiving our foes. or why does forgiveness take so much sometimes and nothing at all other times.

lemme tell you why. we’re humans. we’re scared to forgive someone because either they’ll mess up again and they’ll hurt us or we’ll put more effort into the relationship than they will and it’ll become too much. forgiveness can be a hard pill to swallow with different people in your life. for example i can forgive my mom like no other, like yeah maybe she forgot to get the one snack that i really really wanted and had been asking for all week and maybe I texted her a reminder so she’d get it for me cause i’m too busy to go or maybe i’m just being lazy (insert shrugging girl emoji) but yeah maybe she forgets to get it and yeah that stinks but eh she’s my mom and i’m not mad. (at least that’s what i keep telling myself…) but yeah okay am i seriously going to be mad at her for that? nope. that’s so stupid of me. and you may be thinking oh that’s not an example of forgiveness, but my friends, it is. it may be a minuscule example, but think about the number of times something similar has happened to you and you’re like either i can be mad that my friend or boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever forgot to text me back or i can be like hey it’s no big deal, so you were busy. that’s forgiveness.

or forgiveness can be on a larger scale like someone can do something so awful to you and it’s mean and cruel and it makes you wanna cry. cause this happens to people all the time too (myself included!!) people aren’t perfect and we hurt each other and make mistakes, but being angry towards someone who has wronged you in the past doesn’t make you any better either. *ouch get some ice for that one son* yeah. it’s true. there’s so many people that i’ve met that are still angry at someone for doing something, that granted was not super cool and may have been downright awful, but they were STILL ANGRY.¬†guysssss. anger holds you down. it wastes your energy and frankly, it causes stress which causes pimples which cause more stress and the cycle continues. anger is something that should be felt, there’s a reason God made the emotion because it should be felt, but it never should be felt for more than even like an hour i’d say.

some people have asked me if i ever get angry because i smile so much and honestly hearing that is so flattering, but yes i do get angry. i’ve gotten so angry before that i’ve thrown things and punched my brother (sorry bro-love youuu) and cried until i physically felt like i couldn’t cry anymore. but every time i calm down, i look back on what i was angry about and thought “hmmm was it even worth getting that angry over?” like have you ever heard the cliche about if it won’t matter in five years then why spend more than 5 minutes being angry over it (and i may have modified that to better agree with my post but you get the point!!)

anger keeps us tied to this sinking weight that drags us further and further under the water and eventually the anger surrounds us and we can’t do anything else but wallow in it. deep right? yeah i thought so. but the main reason for why we choose to not forgive someone is because of anger. and like i’ve already said a thousand times, anger is not worth it.

back to our verse; the Lord wants us to recognize that yes we are humans and yes it may be hard like heck to look at someone who has wronged you and say “i forgive you” but it’s always possible. forgiveness is never not an option honestly, and you can say well what about the people that forgiving them is just downright impossible then i say, look at God. He forgives you for everything that you do that’s not for Him. He forgave the people that killed His one and only son Jesus. and Jesus even said as He was literally dying on the cross “forgive them father, for they do not know of what they do” like cmonnnn this dying Son of God is forgiving the people torturing Him while they were literally doing it. and if God can forgive the most horrible people in the entire world, then Betty what makes you say that you can’t forgive your boyfriend for cheating on you? yeah that was wrong and that’s not a great guy move because he did that to you, but can you at least forgive him and let go of the anger and resentment you have towards him?

and i get it. sometimes we forgive people and they end up messing up again and again and again. i’m a sucker for giving multiple chances to multiple people. but you know what. i’m so much happier than others who cut people out of their life the moment they do one wrong thing. i’m not saying that you have to keep those who hurt you so close they know the middle names of your grandparents (cause yanno that’d be weird or something- like i love people but i don’t need to know those pieces of info) but i am saying that forgiving them and moving forward allows you to let go of everything and be truly happy. God has you in His hand and He will guide you. but you first have to forgive and let go of that pain.

that’s all that God is wanting for us to do. no matter how small or large of a situation it may be and no matter how much it’s affected you, i promise you that the moment you look that person dead in the eyes, and say those three wonderful words that God has blessed us with, you will feel so much better. life was not meant to be holed up in anger and resentment and revenge plots and evil laughs about what revenge you have planned for someone and hating people because what they did to you and getting sucked into the drama that anger causes. it was about loving the people that surround you and forgiving them when they do wrong. because one day you’ll do something and do you really think that you’d rather have someone hate you? nah you’d rather have them forgive you beautiful child of God.


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