what ifs or what is?

have you ever been so scared about something in your life because of the possible what if associated with it? well lemme tell you my friend the what ifs are killing you. they are actually like those sour patch commercial gummies that are sour all the time and never really end up being sweet. ya picking up what i’m putting down?

okay i’m gonna break it down for you guys because when i first thought of this i was like “huh” too and i may have scratched my head like a monkey does in cartoons, but yanno i figured out what i was trying to tell myself eventually. *side note- has anyone ever in their entire life thought something and then were like umm what is happening with my brain like is it turning to mush and then in the middle of the night you wake up and you’re like okay i totally know what i meant now and the lightbulb dings- yeah me too* anywho back to what this post is all about… don’t let the sour patch gummies knock you out!!

the what ifs (sour patch gummies) in our lives are causing us as humans a lot of pain when all we really have to do is ask ourselves what is. *mind explosion* how many times in your life have you wanted to do or say or be something and then thought to yourself well what if this happens because i do that. what if they think this of me because i say that. what if i can’t be that because someone else has already taken the scary spice role. there are many times when this has honestly happened to me too (not the scary spice one cause my girl anna z has that down) but there’s so many examples in my life that i can totally relate to.

like one time i really really wanted to tell this boy that i had a crush on forever in junior high that i liked him and i just wanted to put myself out there and make my feelings known yanno. cause my 13 year old self was convinced that if i just do that then some romantic movie scene would happen and i’d be swept off my feet and we’d live happily ever after…. well not exactly how life goes 99.9% of the time (and you perfect .01% couples are RUINING my image of love thank you very much). but anyways i really wanted to tell him and every time i’d work myself to go up to him and say the old “hey can we talk” and seem super sly i would chicken out cause a. boys are scaryyyy and b. this was junior high so yes i was still in fact ugly and awkward thank you for reminding me of that one inner voice.

but yanno i still thought about it all the time cause i’d think “well what if i tell him and he decides that i’m perfect for him too or what if i tell him and he thinks i’m super weird and never wants to talk to me again ahhh!!!” so you know exactly what i did? i never ever ever told him and we never fell in love. the end.

however i later did find out from a friend that he totally knew cause duh junior high i was awkward and didn’t keep my cool too well and so that ended whatever feelings i ever had for him cause i was soooo embarassed but ya live and you learn.

and from that experience and many many others i learned that when i question what if all the time then my what ifs cause me lots of stress and like i’ve said before stress causes pimples and pimples cause more stress and who wants a lot of stress on top of a lot of pimples- answer no one.

i can waste a whole day on thinking about what ifs all the time (trust me it has happened before) and yanno what it absolutely sucks. who wants to waste an entire day of this beautiful freaking life wondering about what might happen (God helps a lot too if you struggle, just fyi) but truly would any of you want to say “yeah i’d rather sit at home today and think about what i’d say to my future kids when they ask me about something super weird and grown upy rather than going to the coffee house and talking about life with you guys, yeah okay bye!!!”

no one in their right and stable mind would ever do that period.

so lemme propose an idea? what if instead of questioning what if *hahahaha* how about we ask ourselves what is. what is happening right now. what is being said to me in the present moment. what is the reaction that i got from being scary spice when clearly the only one that can pull it off is anna z.

we spend too much time looking at the what might potentially happen and how we would potentially react to it but all we really need to set our focus on is what is happening in the here and now. is the person that we just told we loved feeling the same way or looking like they might throw up? (and if you are that type of person then shame on you they just put themselves out there and that takes guts dude) what is happening right now is real and not something that we make up in our minds. what ifs are all made up. cause we have no freaking clue what’s gonna happen but isn’t that the best part of life?

God granted us only so many days on this earth and the fact that we could potentially waste our time looking into the unknown and being affected by it is sad. shouldn’t we take what is right now and make the most of it? isn’t that what we’re always preaching and teaching and screeching and yeah i’ve got no other ching word up my sleeve but isn’t that what we all say we truly want? to live in the here and now and not focus on tomorrow.

guys i am begging you to pleaseeee stop giving yourself headaches from asking yourself what ifs. the what ifs will never be the answer to your questions. but the what is’ will.

so friends take it from a pro at questioning what ifs and stop doing it. live your life up and experience what is right now!!! you’ve got this and i believe in every one of you, now go go go (:

*courtesy of pinterest- they’ve got everything man*