body positivity-yes please

okay people i want to drop some real stuff that has been on my mind lately. let’s talk about body positivity!!!!! woohoo two points for kenn for being like every other basic person out there. but for real this is gonna be different and i don’t know what a lot of people are going to think about this but this is just MY¬†viewpoint and it is totally okay for all of us to have our own opinions.

as many of you may know i am a health freakkkk. like i am the girl that told her friends that when they eat salad they should choose the darker leafy greens instead of nasty iceberg lettuce cause the darker stuff is healthier. *insert the most annoyed face you’ve ever made in your entire life* okay now you get the point like i am that girl.

well, thankfully the universe allows me to have a job that puts my annoying comments to use and help other people in their daily lives make better decisions on what to eat and what they should do for exercise so yippee!!

and because i’m a health freak and because i love people so much and because i’m not afraid to share the truth i’m writing this.

duh duh duhhhh….

people there is this new movement if you haven’t noticed about people loving their bodies for what they are. and this is GREAT, (now lemme me say it again so that people can’t yell at me later for what i’m about to say next) but guysss people loving their bodies for what they are is freaking FANTASTIC.

God created all of us and (whether or not that is you belief) He loves us for who we are and He wants us to love ourselves in our own skin too.

but, people we were also only given one. single. life. like #yolo is the truth. you seriously only live once.

so here comes the part that people may hate me a lot for…. but in my own opinion you should love yourself for who you are- yes- but you should also try to better yourself each day. guys this is a major issue nowadays. people are posting all over the interweb about how they are freaking proud of how they look. and you know what, like you go sis. freaking love yourself. but i will not support someone who is saying that when they do absolutely nothing to take care of their bodies.

i’m certainly not saying that you have to be a size 2 to be healthy (like guys a size 2 jeans could probably fit around one of my legs) but i am saying that you should try to take care of yourself.

love your freaking body. love every curve and freckle and mole and every imperfection (or what you think is an imperfection) and love it all with everything in you. cause God loves your body and you should love your body and i want nothing more than you all to love your own skin.

but if you truly love yourself in the way that you absolutely should then take care of yourself. for example if you have a dog then you will love your dog cause they’re awesome and so undeserving of our love, but of course you still love your dog. and if you love your dog then you aren’t going to neglect it and you aren’t going to mistreat it (unless you’re heartless and hurt animals and in that case please never visit my blog ever again!!)

i like to think of this scenario even though i’m unfortunately comparing my body to a dog but you get the point right?

your body is your temple. it is the makeup of you. and you have the right to treat it however you please. but i’m begging you to treat it with care.

i know some people that love their bodies so much and it’s quite evident that they take care of themselves but they aren’t always the smallest people around. being healthy has never meant being so small i could hold up my pinky to you and i wouldn’t see you anymore (like that’s not good at all) being healthy is about feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically good. it’s about looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing a full face with color and life bursting from it. being healthy is feeling strong and like you’re the best you that you can be.

i even know some people that are so skinny i am quite literally concerned for them. people the scale goes both ways.

now is the part where i either get a lot of hate or a lot of “rock ons” so which is it???

well be prepared cause more ish is coming your way (:

i also would like to say that i understand feeling uncomfortable in your own skin cause i was there. i was there for a long time. changing your ways are hard. and sticking with them is even more difficult.

growing up i never really had to worry about losing weight but i honestly felt awful 24/7 because i was eating junk and living such a sedentary lifestyle when i got home from all my activities. i’d plant myself in front of the television and i don’t think i’d move a muscle until my mom said bedtime.

i just was never feeling like i was at my best self ever and that was confusing to me because i was blessed with genes that kept me on the smaller end. i mean if anyone has ever seen my mom like she has the best genes ever cause she’s the laziest person i know but is still stick thin and like whaaaaat i don’t get it but *insert girl shrugging emoji*

and along with not feeling great i didn’t particularly look that great either… like i had badddd acne and really oily skin. and some may be say “oh no kennedy you didn’t have that” but people are too nice sometimes and i do know for sure guys that i looked bad. part of it was puberty (thank goodness that that’s over whew) but the other part of it was me just not drinking enough water and me snacking on greasy snacks all the time.

when i became a sophomore i became a little more knowledgable on health related stuff, ps s/o to caleb for his generous teaching sessions. and i fell in love with it all. i changed everything about my diet and how much water i drank and so much more. (yes people i still eat unhealthy food- you can catch me at any ice cream shop this summer cause you bet i go to one almost every day) but outside of my constant dessert cravings i began making better choices on what snacks i ate, and not eating when i’m bored, and i stopped drinking pop all together and solely drank water. and i began to feel awesome.

i want those things for you too guys. but everyone is different. some people have the best diet in the entire freaking world and workout constantly but they don’t sleep enough and they feel awful all day. and some just downright don’t eat good stuff ever and that’s killing them.

it’s different for everyone but we can all start to feel good and love our bodies for what they are if we begin to see the reality of it all. being healthy is way more important than society likes to make it out to be. our minds have been warped to view the skinny girls and buff guys as being the healthiest, but that’s not really the case.

our bodies are all different and because of our different shapes and sizes being healthy looks different for everyone. each person just needs to find that sweet spot of what being healthy will look like for them and then they need to enjoy the feeling of knowing they are treating their body with the care and love that it deserves.

so who’s with me on loving our bodies for what they are, and then in turn taking care of the single one that we’re given!!!

woohoo body positivity and loveeee all around for all you beautiful beautiful people.

ps let’s start a movement where girls having muscles is cool?