steadfast love

so guys i’m going to share with you a lil bit today what the biggest take away has been for me currently with the Bible. i know i know you must be thinking “kenn seriously girl we get it you loveeee God and you loveeee what He’s doing in your life” and all of that is so incredibly true my beautiful friends. but reading the Bible daily and keeping His word at the forefront of my mind has brought nothing but pure joy into my life. so my friends!!! the word is so so so good and i wanna share some more of it with you (:

today if you wanna pull out your trusty little life guides we’re going to flip to Psalms 136. now this passage is seriously all about God and His love for us.

lemme back it up a bit and give some background info for you all. God as you may know created everything on this planet. He created all the animals (thank you God for doggos!!!) and He created all the cute lil succulents that our society is obsessed with. He created the seas and He created the bountiful plains of iowa. He created light and dark and He created man and woman. God created it all peeps- like first off isn’t that mind blowing. like He just created all that we know and He did it in six days because on the 7th day He rested aka sundays.

and you know what else is sooooo cool? God knew you. He knew you and me and brad down the street before anyone else knew us. He knew our favorite colors, the greatest wishes and desires of our hearts, and literally everything else that makes us the beautifully created people that we have become to this day. God knew and loved us.

so fast forward a lil bit and here comes this perfect lil miracle into our world on like the best day ever (eep i LOVE christmas) and God is with us on earth. Jesus is God and God is Jesus and the Holy Spirit is thrown into that mix as well yanno kinda confusing at first but it’s God so He can kinda do whatever He wants *insert shrugging girl emoji* dang i also love that emoji. okay back to the the blog post! so yes Jesus comes into this world and He lives the most perfect life. like your 12 year old self may have thought they were perfect but they are nothing compared to Jesus. and as harsh as that may sound it’s all very true.

Jesus told the people that He is the son of God and people basically laughed in His face but He performed all these miracles and then the top dogs were like we can’t have this amazing and phenomenal human in our land- aka they wanted to kill the son of God- how horrible.

so they found Him because of one of Jesus’ disciples betrayed Him and Jesus knew about it and asked His father to not have to go through this pain but would if that’s what needed to be done. LIKE WHAT. selfless. first He lives a perfect life and does everything that His father is asking of Him and then His disciple betrays Him and now He has to die such a horrible death?? but guys. Jesus did it. He died and He died for us. for you. for me. and for every other person on this earth that accepts Him into their heart.

let that sink in for a second. i’ll give you a few moments.


yeah i know right- mind obliterated.

so back to the passage and verses that have stolen my heart and breath every time i read them and think about them- so like all the time. oh well.

Psalms 136 is all about God’s love for us and how it is steadfast. now when i first read that i didn’t quite understand the word steadfast. i mean i knew what going steady was like back in the day dating, but i didn’t understand what steadfast meant. so i luckily pulled out my phone and typed in my google search “steadfast”

the meaning of steadfast is this: resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.

now let’s put that into our verses and see what God is telling us through this new definition *gives a big ole thumbs up*

God says in every. single. verse. of the entire passage this phrase “for His steadfast love endures forever”

GUYS. are you seeing what i’m seeing?? God tells us that His love, His freaking love will never falter, it’ll never waver, it’ll forever be there for you and me. God will forever love us no matter what we do or say because His love for us is firm and unwavering. this is so amazing.

like how could we ever deserve this? how could us sinners face God and ask for His love even when we make mistakes and fall short of His expectations. i’ll tell you how we are able to receive this type of love. it’s all because of our great earthly messenger- Jesus. when Jesus took the burden of all our sins on the cross and died an awful death He was only thinking about us. before He died He literally said that God should not punish those hurting Him because they did not know of what they were doing.

guys. we don’t deserve His grace and we surely don’t deserve His forgiveness or love. but God is wanting to give us more than just this. God wants to give us all the beautiful things that this world has to offer. He wants to save us from ourselves because the love He has for us never ever ever is going to falter. that is so unbelievable. i truly think that i’ll never be able to wrap my brain around that concept.

and people this is why this passage has spoken so many volumes to me. my greatest fear in life is never finding someone that can truly love me as i am but jokes on me cause i’ve had this person my entire life. i was just not in touch with my faith and i didn’t have deep roots or an open relationship with Jesus. my heart did not know of His true glory and joy that He brings into every life He touches. but once i did, i couldn’t get enough.

i want you all to love people just as God loves us. He wants you all to love your neighbor as you love yourself and as He loves you. take His lessons on steadfast love and apply them to your own lives. become the person in your life with a strong and unwavering love for everyone. i know that i strive each day to do this and even though i fall short i have faith and know that God is using me and nurturing this love for others as a way to spread His word.

guys God is so good. so please adopt this way to love and come and enjoy His goodness with me all you lovely people!!