what college is like- for real

my face in this photo is me after i find out my test scores and my friends in the back represent inner me that’s like will it really matter in 5 years?!? ps my hair makes me look extra frazzled and i absolutely love it. 

heyyyyyy guyyyyys!! so i have been off this whole writing thing cause i had a lot of stuff going on and yanno there were some BIG life changes that i had to go through aka college. haha but now here i am sitting in my chemistry building, listening to ed sheeran, waiting for the rain to pass a bit because your girl forgot her umbrella in her room #awesome.

i wanted to give you all an update about what’s going on with me and how i’m doing in college and just about everything i’ve learned as i am finishing up the first monthish of my first semester in college. just cause i know that you allllll love to hear about everything going on in my life right? right.

so, where should i begin?

i guess i’ll start with sorority stuff cause that was my life for like the first week of me being up here at college. okay now the real low down on all of it is that it was absolutely exhausting going day to day and talking to so many different people all the time but guys it was also so. much. freaking. fun!! i can’t describe to you all how much fun i had just being able to meet so many new people and move to school early was an advantage in itself also. but seriously recruitment can get tough but as long as you kept a great attitude about it all through it then you had tons of fun!

next i became an alpha delta pi from that whole experience and i know i met a few people that have changed my life for the better so far. one of them being my big/mom/best friend Page. i want every person in my life to meet her cause she just makes me so happy and i love talking to her cause she’s like everything you could want in a friend all in just one person and i feel sad if i don’t see her at least once a day or every couple days (but that’s pushing it). i told her once that she was the type of friend that i’ve been praying for and i was crying while telling her cause yanno we all want that one friend and we can’t describe what exactly we want but when you find them you just realize “oh this person is exactly who i needed in my life.” and to me, that person is Page. and btw alpha delta pi is amazing and i seriously am obsessed with like everyone in the chapter because i just love them all so much. everyone in it is so cool and weird and just their genuine selves all the time and i love how when i walk into the house i just feel so at home. so for anyone that may be thinking about going through recruitment or is wanting to this next year- do it!! even if you decide it’s not for you, you’ll still meet so many people and have new built in bffs from it. okay i’m getting off my soap box now and back to my college story.

then after all that happened i started actual school, duh duh duhhhh. so it wasn’t bad the first few weeks cause you’re just figuring everything out and things don’t get super hard until your first tests. the hardest part for me was figuring out my freaking canvas. anyone that is going to isu next fall read closely, look at you canvas before school even starts because professors WILL put assignments on it (especially labs for all you sciencey people out there #myhomies) anyways check it because it’ll save your life if you choose to check it before school begins!! also, look at your canvas multiple times a day and just write every assignment you’ll ever have in your planner or something cause i missed a few Spanish assignments just from not knowing how to work my canvas haha whoops.

so i finally figured out my canvas and i came up with a plan to get all the work i was given done on time- i mean it did take like the first 3 weeks but i’ve got it now so i say that it’s a win. now at this point in my life i have learned that i may have signed up for too many things. like have you ever heard the whole “get involved because it’ll just be good in the long run.” well yeah so if ya’ll know me then ya know that i’d probably do everything under the freaking sun if i could. if only there were enough hours in the day *insert sigh* but yes i may have realized that i signed up for so much and i didn’t know how to handle it all. so yanno what i did about it? i cried to my parents about it. for some reason i always think that if i cry to my parents then it’ll make things seem better and less overwhelming but haha nope it never does. and they tell me the same thing all the time. “just take one thing at a time and conquer that.” oh man i just love them lots. but anywho, yes i signed up for a lot and thankfully everything i’m doing i very much enjoy and yes being involved is a great thing and you should all get involved in something when you first come to college or if you’re in high school or even if you’re an adult. find things in life that you can do whether it’s a weekly workout class, a sport that you’ve always wanted to try but are scared to, or a club like dance marathon (that does SO MUCH good guys). as nike would say- just do it peeps.

Okay now the scary part- i took my first tests in all my classes this past week and hahahahaha they went AWFUL. yanno after every single one i thought i didn’t do too shabby whelp that wasn’t the case. i didn’t fail any test, but i have failed a quiz for a ONE CREDIT CLASS (still upset about it if ya can’t tell) but yanno that’s college. ya win some and ya lose some, and you lose a lot but you try your very best and just pray everything works out. plus it was the first round of tests and as sucky as it was, i now know what i need to do for the next time. *insert shrugging girl emoji* but yeah if ya haven’t seen the photo that Macy posted of me sitting on our floor eating ice cream and crying then i recommend looking at that to get the actual representation of what college tests do to ya. ps that was me after finding out my score for my first spanish exam. yes. it rocked.

and we made it full circle to right now. i’m on my fifth week of college, thought about dropping out twice, thought about changing my major 4 times, had two breakdowns, and still surviving. so if i can do it then you all can too!!

i would like to also say that college is super awesome too. yanno i’ve met some of the best people of my entire life while i’ve been in ames and i can’t wait to meet more and more people as the days go on. being at isu has been an emotional rollercoaster with lots of things that have happened and lots of things that i hope happen but don’t know if they ever will. like will i ever get an A on one of my tests? no idea, but fingers crossed!! or will i ever go to bed before midnight one night? yep probably not but yanno that’s just the way things go folks!! there’s been some crazy things that have happened too that i never once imagined would happen to me.

but overall guys college rocks cause Jesus has been able to move me and work through me in ways that i didn’t understand before and he’s used me to touch other people’s lives. i’m so excited to see what He has in store for me and what he’ll use me for in the future. i’ve met people and we’ve built relationships on our shared love for God and they’ve already been so much stronger than some people i was friends with for years. salt co is amazing, adpi is amazing, dance marathon is amazing, and overall God has blessed me with many many wonderful things in my life.

although i still struggle and question some of the relationships in my life and wonder what’s to come of them, i know that my faith has only been strengthened since i’ve been here and because of that i’ve been able to deal with all the tough stuff that life and college throw at you.

college is hard guys but it’s so beautiful too. and that’s the real ish about college from a God-fearing gal that’s just trying to make this world a happier place by loving people the way that Jesus wants me to love people!!

have a BLESSED day <3